The Indian health care is at the epicenter of this global pandemic with numerous challenges to overcome, it is thereby necessary to reinvoke knowledge and faith in the general public which in turn will strengthen our economy. Keeping this thought in mind with the assistance from HOSMAC, our Knowledge Partner, AHPI and NATHEALTH as our Association Partners and Healthcare Executive our Media Partner, we have planned a 2 Day educational HEALTHCARE & INFRASTRUCTURE E-SUMMIT which will throw light on various aspects of the Healthcare Industry. 20th November 2020 : Day 1 Session 1 - 11:00 am onwards - Govt. Policy (Ayushman Bharat) & Funding Solutions Session 2 - 04:00 pm onwards - Infrastructure and Construction Technology 21st November 2020 : Day 2 Session 3 - 11:00 am onwards - Patient Care Experience through Digitalization Session 4 - 04:00 pm onwards - Technology Advancements in Healthcare.


Dr. Nandakumar Jairam

Dr. Sudarshan Ballal

Mr. Sunil Thakur

Prof. Dr. Anil Dewan

Ar. Shamit Manchanda

Ar. Rang Emei

Dr. Alexander Thomas

Mr. Joy Chakraborty

Dr. Dileep Mavalankar

Prof. Anil Kumar

Dr. V. Ramankutty

Mr. Ravi Duggal

Mr. Jitendra Haryan

Dr. Vivek Desai

Mr. Neil Sequeira

Dr. Dhaval Bhatt

Dr. Tejpaul Ahluwalia

Ms. Juhi Bhandari

Dr. Sanjeev Singh

Mr. Rupak Barua

Dr. Sujit Chatterjee

Dr. Sunil Chandy

Mr. Akansh Khurana

Dr. Ganapathy Krishnan

Ms. Sowmya Srinath

Mr. Siddhartha Bhattacharya

Dr. Santanu Sen

Dr. Naresh Trehan

Ar. Nandini Bazaz

Mr. Pradeep Jaisingh

Mr. Akhil Ganatra

Dr. Gaurav Thukral

Dr. Rishi Mohan Bhatnagar

Mr. Sandeep Kaul

Dr. Preet Matani

Mr. U. K. Ananthapadmanabhan

Dr. Anant Pandhare


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  • Construction and Infrastructure Technology
  • Government Policy (Ayushman Bharat) and Funding Solutions
  • Patient Care Experience through Digitalization
  • Technology Advancement in Healthcare

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